All meals are broken into portion-size bags, especially commercially bagged veggies and frozen meats, you will find I purchase in large quantities when you will find specials. Fresh chicken (pieces) is generally cooked in large quantities and frozen. Some fresh meats are marinated and frozen and a few are precooked. Ground meat is nearly always precooked and frozen.

This routine makes it simple cooking dinner personally without to much work! That’s a good cooking tips whenever you prepare only for yourself, particularly with recipes with hamburger and cooked chicken! There is nothing considered a “leftover”!

Hamburger Assistant along with other casseroles are created, pastas and grain, especially brown grain, can be created in advance, bagged in serving sizes and frozen for future meals. Great cooking tips! I personally use good condiments, sauces to not costly, exactly what i buying is in a tiny portion!

I create a real effort not to keep an over abundance of products within the freezer. That’s a great factor to complete whenever you cooking on your own!

My regular products are onions, garlic clove, tomato plants, mushrooms, radish and cooked grain! I really like cooked grain! I usually prepare small portions! That would be ideal cooking tips when you’re single!

I really like cooking, I select a number of my personal favorite meals, purchase my ingredients and containers that fit the kind of meal you’re cooking after which prepare and freeze.