Foods to Keep Your Toddler Warm and Active This Winter

When chilly winter winds take full control of the environs, it becomes absolutely necessary to keep ourselves warm and protected. While adults are able to manage during winters somehow, toddlers need special care and attention. From bundling them up with super warm clothes to modifying their  food routine by including foods like dried fruits & nuts, organic toddler cereal, sesame seed balls etc.,  parents leave no stone unturned to ensure their toddlers show up a good fight against the atrocities winters bring in.             

Toddlers love to remain active. But when the winter season chimes in, parents make them sit inside the house, fully packed. No, we are not asking you to make your little ones snow-bunnies; we are simply addressing issues that need deep introspection, of course, backed up by the ‘holy’ sermons of Science.

Our bodies are designed in a way that they need continuous physical activeness to remain fully-functional. The same applies to the kids; in certain cases, even more acutely. However, if your little one is not feeling warm enough from the inside, he or she won’t be able to remain high on energy. That’s why it’s important for your little ones to eat foods that keep him or her naturally warm, so he or she can remain fully active, even during winters.

Below-mentioned is the list of foods that will keep your toddler warm and active. Have a look:

  • Dried Fruits & Nuts

One of the healthiest alternatives to fried snacks in winters are dried fruits and nuts. Not only are they enriched with essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals but also gratify your toddler’s food cravings. Known for providing the much-needed energy during winters, dried fruits and nuts keep your little one extra warm and active.               

While almonds are enriched with essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, figs are a natural source of Vitamin A, B1, B2, iron and phosphorous. Similarly, pistachios contain manganese, copper, magnesium, etc. and walnuts are known for their omega-3 fatty acid content. All these ingredients together make dried fruits and nuts one of the best winter foods. Moreover, they promote digestion and boost your kid’s metabolism besides kicking off cold and flu.

  • Ginger

Ginger is the powerhouse of heat-producing ingredients. Apart from boosting the immune system, it also improves important bodily mechanisms like digestion of food and circulation of blood. Moreover, it can ward off winter vices such as flu and cold, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

We know it’s really difficult to convince your toddler to eat raw ginger (thanks to its pungent tang), but you can creatively introduce it to them. Make ginger candies or use the ginger extract to make soups for your little ones and let the ginger-magic begin!

  • Jaggery

Your little one’s body needs heat to remain warm during winters. This is where jaggery comes into picture. A form of unrefined sugar, jaggery is one of the most sought-after foods in winter. It is rich in calories and acts as a healthy alternative to sugar. A superb source of iron, it can phenomenally boosts your little one’s digestion.

You can make several dishes using jaggery including sweet rice, halwa, puffed rice balls etc. and offer them to your little ones to oomph up their winter game!  

However, whenever you are buying jaggery or jaggery powder, you must always go for the natural variants that come with no additives.  Slurrp Farm’s 100% Organic Jaggery Powder that comes with no additives and preservatives can be your ideal choice in this regard.

Apart from the above-mentioned foods, you can also offer your little ones some wholesome cereals that are made with healthy, winter-suitable ingredients like Ragi. If you are looking forward to buying toddler’s and baby’s cereal online, make sure that you only refer to credible websites and get the best quality cereals for your little one that not only taste good but also ensure health.