It appears like a struggle for some and easy for others to get their kids to acquire some kitchen skills. Most of the adults find it daunting to spend time in the kitchen with their children. After all, cooking and baking is considered to be a grown-up’s job, isn’t it? Well, not always! Having kids participate in the kitchen chores can actually be one of the best learning experiences for the kids. Preparing dishes together yields countless immediate and lifelong benefits, enriching the child’s life from an early age. This doesn’t mean the child needs to be restricted to flipping pancakes or garnishing base pizza. The kitchen can actually be made a kid-friendly space. Here’s how:

Recipe Ideas


Mini tortillas make for stellar quesadillas and wraps. Kids can be made to wash veggies, layer ingredients, spread sauces and roll them up in the preparation.

Mini Pizzas:

‘I don’t love pizza’ said no kid ever. Pizza can easily be made with wheat pizza base, or flatbread and simple ingredients. Kids can practice chopping, spreading sauces and adding ingredient layers. You can use pizza bases by Modern Foods as they guarantee fresh bread and bakery products.

Mini Casseroles:

When you crave something simple, make casseroles. The little helpers can be made to help you with prepping veggies, rice, cheese, and spices. If you have small containers, individual casseroles can also be prepared by each child.

Fruit Smoothies:

Children can pick and prep fruits for their own smoothie. They can also be asked to scoop yogurt and pour milk into a blender. This way, each kid can have his or her own unique creation.  Smoothies can also be turned into ice pops.

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie:

Convert your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe into a gigantic treat. Kids can be asked to measure ingredients, mix, and prep. They can also help with decoration using sprinkles and peanut butter.

Healthy Ice Cream Sundae:

Prepare all-natural, healthy ice cream by blending frozen banana or avocado chunks. Each child can scoop the ice cream and add the toppings he/she likes. The topping can also include fruits.

Keeping things stress-free is the key to help kids develop an interest in kitchen chores. This is possible by choosing simple ingredients and dishes. Have kids help you out with clean up too and set realistic expectations that are achievable. Aim kitchen get together at least once a week and come up with new activities/dishes each time to keep things exciting.

Also, involve kids in kid-friendly tasks such as


Have them wash fruits and veggies and educate them about the parts to be removed and discarded.


Teach them how to roll dough and form balls. Do not let them eat raw dough, however.


Kids enjoy pouring ingredients into a bowl. While older children can manage it on their own, younger children might need additional assistance.


Stirring ingredients together can be a fun activity for kids. Think dry ingredients, wet batter or salads.


Kids can sprinkle spices and garnishes but must be told when to stop and to wash their hands thereafter.


Kids can be made to do plating before dinner or scoop finished dishes such as salad or rice into bowls.