Do you have an upcoming company lunch? Deciding how to go about preparing the food for the various breakout sessions? If so, then you certainly would be wanting to order a mini buffet catering setup. Yet, a quick search online will find you many different caterers, each having various menus to pick from. How then can you get an appropriate menu for your event? In this article, we will be going through several different aspects that a good menu should cover.


When your visitors begin streaming in, do not worry yourself should not every meals are complete. Having Hors D’oeuvres laid out when guests turn up will offer you a long time to wrap up your cooking while they mingle and snack.

A simple however savory one would be to prepare a cheese plate with crackers and a bottle of wine for guests to dive in before the actual lunch; even better if you have a visually attractive cheeseboard that can function as a beautiful centrepiece!

Preferably, put the platters at different areas around your living room/lounge area to stop visitors from centering around one edge of the room.

Main Dishes

Before confirming your dinner food selection, make sure that you have checked with all your visitors if they have any diet restrictions or food allergies to stop anyone from going hungry at dinnertime! To be on the safer side, it would also be safer to order dishes that you’ve tried during tasting sessions prior to the event. Required some motivation? Here are several of our favourites appetisers and main course:

Appetisers: Scallops in Buerr Blanc Sauce, Spicy Pumpkin Soup with Lemongrass and Coconut, Albondigas (Mealballs).

Main courses: Stuffed SousVide Boneless Poultry Leg, Crusted Herb Lamb Ribs.

Dessert Dishes

Finish the occasion on a fascinating, sweet note with the excellent treat. If you want to keep it straightforward, having beautifully embellished cupcakes or a sinful chocolate cake presented on a charming cake stand would work. Check out our dessert recipes for classics such as Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake or a fancy individual Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Tartlets!


Try to keep things simple and stylish by choosing wine and one signature cocktail. The Magisso Sparkling wine Cooler will make sure that your drinks will be kept refreshed and chilled during your meal. You can even create or develop an individualized message on the side of the porcelains with a chalk!

Enjoy the Event

Last but not least, bear in mind to unwind and enjoy on your own with your visitors! Appreciate their company, the ambience and the spread that you’ve placed all the effort into preparing. It’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy both the socialising and the food!