As parents or a preschool teachers or a childcare providers, one of the most challenging part when it comes to children is getting them to eat healthy. In this article, we offer a few tips and tricks which you ought to have rolled up your sleeve, which will promote healthy eating habits among the children.

Offer more choices:

Let’s face it; no one likes to be forced or do something on compulsion. When you offer only specific food to your children, their natural reaction is to see if there is anything else apart from that. Hence, it is good to provide your child with more choices; however, while offering them options to ensure that you offer them healthy alternatives.

For example: Given a choice between apple slices and chips, it is a no-brainer that children will pick the latter. Whereas, a choice between apple slices and banana, irrespective of what children choose, it is still a healthy food which they will eat.

Let them make their plates:

Once you have your healthy food set at the table, let your child make their plate. Giving your child the control to pick their food is a great way to let them exercise their independence. This also allows them to try new foods. Although it may take a few tries, children are also willing to add the ‘healthy diet for kids’ to their plates. However, it is essential that you give them the freedom to choose their food.

Give a sneak-peak at food:

Generally, children are more likely to try healthy food if they are either interested in it or exposed to it. Since children are naturally curious, giving them an opportunity to see how and where food comes from will pique their interest in food. Hence, growing some vegetables at homes such as tomatoes or cucumbers or fenugreek can help tremendously in promoting healthy eating habits in kids. You can also take them to a local farm and let them find vegetables of different shapes and colours.

Let them help out with dinner a bit:

Children tend to give a new food a try if they have had a hand in making it. So, make them a part of the cooking process. Let them help out with basic tasks in the kitchen, such as measuring ingredients or stirring a bowl, etc. While they help you out in the kitchen, they will also get to see how full dishes and entire meals come together.

Ages 3-7 are crucial when it comes to promoting the balanced diet for kids. This is also the age where children learn the most by observing the behaviour of their elder. Hence, along with the tips given above, you also lead your children towards healthy eating by incorporating healthy foods in your diet and setting an example.