Take a minute and picture your favorite meal. Whether that’s a medium-rare filet with a baked potato and roasted asparagus; a piece of wild-caught salmon with lemon sauce and wild rice; or a hearty slice of homemade meat lasagna, you already know how much enjoyment and pleasure food can provide. But what comes after that favorite meal? For nearly everyone, it’s a sumptuous dessert. Whether it’s a slice of homemade apple pie ala mode, a luscious chocolate brownie or a plate of fresh fruit and cheese, dessert rounds out a meal and leaves you with a sweet taste in your mouth. And when it comes to dessert, there’s nothing like a delicious cookie.

Whether your tastes run to the gooey goodness of a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie, the unctuous flavor of a peanut butter one or the simple but delightful flavor of a sugar cookie, a cookie can always hit the spot. A cookie makes a simple but delectable dessert; a perfect snack, especially when paired with a glass of milk; or even a decadent breakfast.

While cookies hit the spot for sweet lovers, another sensual pleasure many people enjoy is that of a glass of wine. Any wine lover will tell you that it’s hard to beat a cold, crisp glass of sauvignon blanc, a warm, earthy pinot noir or a delicate flute of champagne. There is a nearly countless number of wines that can enhance any occasion, whether you’re enjoying a glass at the end of a hard day, splitting a bottle with friends, or pairing a wine with a meal.

So why not double your pleasure? Dessert lovers have found a way to make cookies even more delicious — pairing them with wine. Pairing cookies with wine enhances the flavor of both food and drink, upping the pleasure of both.

Need a reason to indulge? First, few things can give you more pleasure than enjoying a favorite treat—it not only tastes good, it can boost your mood and your overall outlook! Better still, even if you’re trying to eat a healthy diet (and who isn’t?), an occasional treat makes it easier to stick to nutritious choices the rest of the time. Third, life is short! Deciding to treat yourself to a delicious cookie and glass of wine simply feels good and is one of the great pleasures of life. The attached resource, Cookie And Wine Pairing Guide, describes more about how to do so.