For the longest time, many people preferred pairing their favorite wine with classic desserts. However, many people don’t know that you can achieve the same with tea, especially linden flower tea.

Linden flower tea comes with a complex but interesting flavor profile, which means you have to pair the tea bags with just the right kind of classic desserts. The idea here is not only to attempt to match the strength of your tea with the right dessert but also to find the contrasting or complementary flavor profiles.

However, you need to keep in mind that this tea comes with an intricate herbal infusion that could make it particularly tricky to pair with the right desserts. Nevertheless, we put this post together to make things simpler for you. You can also visit an online tea and coffee shop like Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company for some great ideas. Here are some great classic dessert pairings for you.

1. Brownies

Just like you can pair brownies with chai tea, you can also do the same with linden tea. Since the tea features a bold and spicy flavor profile, it would go well with the herbal nature of linden loose leaf tea. The outcome of this pair is a great contrast of rich but delicate experience. Furthermore, it is an ideal way of refreshing your palate, which will make the combination even more enjoyable.

Inasmuch as the first thing that might come to mind is that you might easily notice the brownies overwhelming the taste of the tea, it is not entirely the case. Rather, what you will experience is more of a fantastic and delicious contrast.

2. Shortbread

The shortbread and linden tea combination is a fun one. The distinctive linden tea taste and the subtle shortbread taste is what makes this pair delicious. Even though shortbread is butter, rich and delicious, it won’t overwhelm your tea, which is why it blends so well with many other types of loose leaf teas.

3. Complex desserts

With a little bit of experience, you will start realizing that herbal teas like linden tea tend to pair well with elaborate desserts. This means you are giving yourself the chance to experience all the different flavors in your desserts.

Therefore, the rule of thumb when working with elaborate desserts with linden tea is to look for something that isn’t too sweet. This is a great way of reducing the chances of your tea’s flavor getting overwhelmed by your desserts. This trick is also ideal when dealing with any other kind of floral teas apart from linden tea. They are subtly mild, meaning that you won’t get the wholesome experience if you pair them with something a bit too strong.

4. White chocolate raspberry soufflés

The combination between floral teas and white chocolate is a classic one. This means that you can pair linden tea with white chocolate raspberry soufflés and enjoy a burst of flavors in your mouth. Therefore, the next time you want to try out some linden tea with some amazing classic brownies, consider pairing it with white chocolate raspberry soufflés and you won’t be disappointed.

5. Vanilla bean ice cream – affogato style

Affogato is essentially made using espresso. However, it is always a good idea to top your experience with a hot cup of linden tea poured over your vanilla ice cream. The result would be nothing short of amazing. It would even be great for you if you’re looking to cut down on your coffee intake.

6. Lemon cream cookies

Like many other floral teas, linden tea also pairs deliciously well with lemon cream cookies. When you take some linden tea with these cookies, you will experience a burst of flavors without the lemon tea overpowering the delicate floral notes that come with linden tea.

7. Almond biscotti

Almond biscotti is an amazing treat with some almonds, an ideal combination with linden tea. To ensure that you get that crisp biscotti touch, it needs to be baked twice to ensure that they perfectly dunk in your cup of linden tea. It is a fantastic light mid-afternoon snack but could also work as a delicious after dinner dessert when you pair it with your favorite cup of linden tea.

8. Chocolate pretzel triangle

Get yourself some chocolate pretzel triangles if you want to try something different with your linden tea. These pretzel triangles are tasty and crunchy, mostly attributed to the dark and white pieces and the salted caramel. The salted caramel in the pretzels balances its sweetness, making it a nice dessert to pair with linden tea.

9. Chocolate toffee scone

This is yet another delicious dessert that isn’t overpowering to that herbal linden tea feel. The fact that it isn’t overpowering is the reason why you will enjoy this pair. It comes full of toffee bites and chocolate chops with some chocolate drizzle at the top. The sweet toffee and chocolate flavors complement the robust linden tea flavor leaving your palate exploding with taste.

10. Plain cheesecake

Flavored cheesecakes could be a bit too much for linden tea. However, when you opt for plain cheesecakes, you will achieve the perfect balance. The tea will make the cheesecake more enjoyable as you feel the contrasting tastes. The combination is fantastic for highlighting the nuances of linden tea because the dessert doesn’t come with significantly strong flavors.

Wrapping up

Experimenting with different kinds of classic desserts with your favorite cup of linden tea is such a great way to appreciate the multiple flavor profiles such culinary delights have to offer. Therefore, start your experimenting journey with any of these classic desserts and find one that works best for you.