Foie gras is an artificially produced French delicacy that is loved all over the world. This dish is also called geese liver, or fatty duck that is known for its buttery flavor and velvety texture. Besides its wonderful taste, the dish is extremely nutritious and healthy. It is loaded with good amounts of minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats.

Read on to know more about Foie Gras.

Nutritional Profile

As Foie gras is the liver of duck/geese, it has an abundance of nutrients, especially vitamin B12, iron, copper, anti-inflammatory monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, and essential minerals.

1 ounce or 28 grams of foie gras offers the following nutrients:

  • 130 Calories
  • 3 grams of Protein
  • 12 grams of monosaturated and poly saturated Fat
  • 1 gram of Carbohydrate
  • Nil Fiber
  • 111% of the Daily Value of Vitamin B12
  • 32% of the DV of Vitamin A
  • 7% of the DV of Pantothenic acid
  • 7% of the DV of Riboflavin
  • 5% of the DV of Niacin
  • 13% of the DV of Copper:
  • 9% of the DV of Iron
  • 5% of the DV of Phosphorus

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Benefits of Eating Foie Gras

Boosts RBC levels

A single ounce of it provides a daily dietary intake of vitamin B12. This is an important nutrient that aids in developing healthy levels of red blood cells in the body.

Improves Vision

Another important benefit of Foie gras is that it has plenty of vitamin A that prevents vision-related issues in the body. Foie gras encourages healthy growth of cells throughout the body.

Stimulates Metabolism

Being a rich source of iron, copper, and Vitamin B12, it boosts energy metabolism in the body. This, in turn, helps in maintaining the right levels of energy in the body.

Side Effects of Eating Foie Gras

  • Foie gras is a controversial product whose traditional production is banned in California. This is because it involves inhumane production practices. It involves force-feeding of birds to expand their livers that are an unethical and cruel practice. Due to this reason, New York City has passed legislation to ban the dish, which will come into force in 2022.
  • Due to distinctive methods of production, this product is an expensive delicacy.
  • As it is high in calories and fats, one should not eat more in a single sitting. Not only, it will make you fat but also upset your digestive system.
  • Furthermore, pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems should avoid the dish due to health risks.


Foie gras is a principal food in French cuisine. It is mostly served with bread and crackers. Full of essential nutrients such as vitamin B12, copper, vitamin A, healthy fats, and iron, it is also high in calorie content. This makes it important to consume this healthy delicacy in moderate amounts.